10 Things You Should Know when Buying a Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle Jacket

You can buy safety – at least when it comes to motorcycle jackets. There is a very wide selection of models available, and it isn’t always easy to find the right jacket for your individual needs. Besides personal taste, you’ll need to pay attention to some general criteria. That’s the only way you’ll be able to enjoy your ride in comfort and safety.

The 10 Most Important Criteria for Buying a Motorcycle Jacket

It’s easy to find and buy motorcycle jackets on eBay. If you don’t carefully select this important piece of protective clothing, you might regret your purchase later. The following 10 point checklist is intended to help you invest in the right piece of clothing, so you can be guaranteed comfortable, carefree riding fun.


  1. Select a Jacket to Match You’re Riding Style


The first call would like to form is whether or not you actually need a separate Motorcycle jacket, or if it would be higher to shop for a one-piece bike suit.


One-Piece Suits

A one piece suit is full body protection which inserts near your skin and will not flap within the wind whereas you are riding. If you prefer to race your bike or ace traffic on the thruway on your sport bike, you may like buying a one-piece motorcycle suit.

Two-Piece Suits

The combination of a motorcycle jacket and pants is good for people that wish flexibility. If you are simply taking an informal ride, you will not need to take on each items of your outfit. You’ll be able to merely succeed your jacket and replace it with an everyday coat after you get to your destination. Moreover, motorcycle jackets supply additional space for storing than one-piece suits, and typically have enough pockets for your billfold and documents. If you wish the foremost versatile choice, you may act to shop for a separate motorcycle jacket

  1. Select Quality Material

Bikers argue over the essential question of whether or not or not a bike jacket fictitious from textile or one fictitious from leather can be a lot of good selection. These materials dissent greatly from each other, however they are doing have one issue in common: the performance of the jacket can rely greatly on the standard of the fabric and the way it’s factory-made. It takes a lot of experience to recognize this type of quality. That’s why it’s helpful for less experienced or entry-level riders to seek advice from more experienced riders.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets made from top quality leather have smart abrasion resistance and provide wonderful protection from injury if you are doing get into an accident. If you decide on a jacket made from goat leather or calf, you would like a thickness of a minimum of one.2 to 1.4 millimeters. That’s just a fraction of an inch, but if your leather is any thinner it will have only limited protective properties. Kangaroo leather is another attention-grabbing material; as a result of its strength you’ll be able to flee with a jacket simply one to one.1 millimeters thick.

Leather and Textile Motorcycle Jackets

More and extra manufacturers are providing jackets product of a combination of Leather and textile materials. Leather sometimes covers the foremost vulnerable elements of the body, together with the higher back, shoulders, and bottoms and super of the arm. The textile weave offers higher comfort by making additional ventilation.

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Jackets made of a fabric like nylon includes many abrasion resistant varieties like nylon includes several abrasion resistant varieties like Armacor, Kevlar, Dynatec and five hundred to 2000 denier Cordura. These materials often offer excellent breathability, protection from the cold, and waterproofness.

Tips for Making Your Choice

Cruisers, weekend riders, and traveling youth subculture typically select motorbike jackets manufactured from a textile like nylon or polyester, since they often supply the simplest comfort. Sportier riders place somewhat plenty of stress on safety, notably if they take larger risks in traffic or athletics, and have an inclination to decide on sturdier leather  jackets. Bike jackets product of a mixture of leather and textile are a sensible compromise.

  1. A Motorcycle Jacket’s Age is a Factor

When selecting a bike jacket, you ought to note the model’s age. Older jackets generally do not provide identical safety or comfort common within the trade these days. This suggests the outer material likewise because the protecting art effect won’t provide a rider enough protection from injury just in case of Associate in nursing accident.

  1. Look at the Jacket’s Color

Most bike riders have identical favorite color: black. In low light-weight environments, however, a black bike jacket is often terribly tough to note in traffic. That is why you ought to select a jacket with a simple to acknowledge color. That’s why you should choose a jacket with an easy to recognize color. You can buy jackets in signal yellow or orange, or even ones that use large panels of reflective material. These are visible once different drivers or riders shine their lights your method. This ensures sensible visibility and safety.


  1. Find a Well-Made Motorcycle Jacket

Your motorcycle jacket must be well-constructed to make sure the simplest doable safety and luxury. That is why you ought to listen to the subsequent points once creating your purchase:


A motorcycle jacket’s seams should be within the jacket, in order that they do not cause abrasion just in case of AN accident. Leather jackets need to have solely a number of seams, since extra seams compromise the stability of the material. Additionally, the chest and back ought to be fabricated from one piece of fabric and not of smaller items seamed along. This will have a negative result on the jacket’s safety.


Zippers on motorcycle jackets are often fabricated from plastic or metal. They have to be straightforward to open and fast to shut. Furthermore, they should be covered with a flap of fabric so they don’t pose extra risk of injury in a crash. Coverings over a zipper conjointly supply further, effective protection against wetness in textile jackets.

  1. Safety should be Paramount

When selecting a Motorcycle jacket, you ought to invariably keep safety within the forefront of your mind. Attributable to its texture, leather is a lot of dense than textile weaves. As soon as the leather is placed under mechanical strain it undergoes a process of load distribution by stretching slightly. This protects the material from ripping easily. Textile materials perform worse than Motorcycle jackets fabricated from leather during this respect. It’s easier to tear the weave, inflicting unprotected areas of your skin to slip across the pavement. That’s why you need to pay attention that bike jackets factory-made from a textile weave unit of measurement reinforced with materials like leather or kevlar.


  1. Protectors

Motorcycle jackets ought to have integrated protectors. These are items of protecting cushioning usually on the arms, back, and chest of your jacket. Good jackets will indicate they are “CE approved,” and there are both CE1 and CE2 levels of approval available for jackets. CE2 is a better level of protection.

Criteria for Choosing Protectors

Protective padding needs to be elastic and large enough to efficiently distribute the energy in a crash.

Close-fitting motorcycle jackets should have protectors attached to the outside of the jacket.

If the motorcycle jacket has a looser fit, the protectors ought to be larger and match near the part of the body they’re supposed to safeguard.

Protectors should not limit your comfort, however ought to cowl an outsized enough area to safeguard your higher body.

Elbow shoulders must always protect your elbow bone from injury.

  1. Choose a Comfortable Jacket

A prime quality motorcycle jacket does not simply have to be compelled to shield your body; it conjointly has to supply nice comfort.

Weight and Storage Space

Leather motorcycle jackets square measure usually heavier than jackets manufactured from a plain-woven textile. They even have fewer pockets wherever you’ll store your cash or possessions. That characteristics are most significant to you rely totally on your individual wants.

Rain Protection

Leather has to be equipped with a special, waterproof membrane so as to be waterproof. Otherwise, the fabric will absorb wetness, creating your animal skin jacket even heavier. This includes a negative impact on your comfort. Textile materials will not let in any wetness in any respect if they need a water-resistant treatment. This can be often applied to the inside of the jacket. Evaporating water, however, will cause materials with water-proof coatings to cool down down apace.


Leather doesn’t have any way to balance out heat from your body or from the sun. It can only keep the wearer warm to a certain extent and only offers some protection from the heat. Motorcycle jackets made from leather

are excellent for temperatures between concerning fifty five and seventy five degrees Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit. Some models are created mistreatment top quality processes, however, which permit their material to be a lot of breathable. To avoid damaging the stability of the material, it’s best to avoid ventilation openings like velcro or zippers. Motorcycle jackets made of textiles use different lining materials. These allow the jacket to keep you warm even in high winds. You should know, however, that extra linings can limit breathability. That’s why it’s good to get a jacket with a removable liner.


  1. Get the Best Fit

Motorcycle jackets are sold in typical sizes for men and women. Some are labeled as androgynous size; however size will take issue wide from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Perfect Fit

The jacket has to suit your body utterly whereas you are standing and whereas you are sitting. That is why riders ought to don the jacket within the position they’ll be sitting on their bikes.


Your sleeves have to be compelled to be long enough. They must reach to your wrists after you have your arms extended and bent as they’ll be whereas you are riding.


The cuffs of the sleeves ought to have a zipper. This helps the motorcycle jacket avoid slippery up over your wrists in associate accident. The zipper ought to be lined therefore it does not increase your risk of injury.

  1. Care for Your Jacket Correctly

You need to often clean your motorbike jacket, which can have some impact on the sort of jacket you select to shop for. Good care increases the lifespan of a jacket, helps it retain its functional properties, and helps it look good longer. Of course, it’s also important for good hygiene! How much time a rider will need to spend cleaning a motorcycle jacket will depend on the material it’s made from.

Cleaning and Caring for Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Motorcycle jackets product of Leather ought to be often treated with a Leather balm, Leather oil, or petrolatum. This may stop them from hardening and drying out. The oil conjointly protects the Leather from penetration by water. Before you treat your jacket, you ought to spray it with a waterproofing spray. Then rub the oil into the jacket with circular motions. You’ll be able to use a soft textile to try and do this similarly. Victimization solely to small degree oil can defend your jacket from additional residue. Reckoning on the color of your jacket, you’ll be able to use a clear product or black grease.

Cleaning and Caring for Textile Jackets

Textile bike jackets ought to offer immeasurable useful data for his or her care on the tag. you will need to follow these directions. It’s typically doable to scrub this sort of bike jacket within the washer on a fragile cycle and with delicate detergent. you ought to make certain the water temperature is not above regarding eighty five degrees. If your jacket has serious stains, you’ll be able to use detergent boosters.

Finally, you ought to rinse out your jacket double with plain water to form certain no detergent remains within the cloth. You cannot use any softeners. Several models conjointly cannot be dried within the appliance. Once 3washes, you ought to treat the jacket with a waterproofing spray that encapsulates the fibers within the outer material. This improves protection against not solely water, however conjointly dirt. There also are makers that suggest having your jacket professionally clean and rainproof. This ensures the waterproofing spray is distributed equally across the total surface of the jacket.



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