Changing Lifestyles will be the next disruptor.

Changing Lifestyles will be the next disruptor


The introduction of electronic commerce has created a transparent market in which a brand can not be sold through channels at different prices or discounts. And it will not be long before online players start boosting market share instead of expanding the market. But where Pakistani brands underestimate themselves, their ability to adapt to trends and increase again. There is a prominent rise in the domain of Fashion.

Rise of Brands

The liberalization took place off the coasts of Pakistan 20 – 25 years ago, and 45 percent of the Pakistanis are now under 30 years old. Not surprisingly, most young people today don’t find foreign brands that differ from their lifestyles, like some of us, the old Fogeys. In the last three decades, there have been a lot of fashion and lifestyle brands that have found different destinations. In many cases, the respective destinations were written at the time they took their flights to India on board.


The reasons for success or failure were the same: choice of location, choice of local partner, adaptability to the Pakistani’s, arrogance or boldness of the brand leader and price of the product.

Probably recent movements of foreign market participants in women’s fashion have shown that success is an easy fruit to achieve, and this was due to sweet rents with shopping centers, equivalent world price models and a more recent demographic evolution after liberalization.

Discrimination Between Foreign and Local Brands

As the owner of a brand, who knows the modern Pakistani woman with western clothes and has just left the start-up mode, it seems to me that the riddles are diverse and numerous. Hence we spread the space between Western Europeanwear and Pakistani variants, which sometimes borders on Fusionwear. The point is, do we believe that the future of Pakistani brands is disturbing? With participants from the foreign market and with a consumer who is constantly looking for more options.

Moreover, Pakistani brands have improved in terms of quality, and in all categories Pakistani premium products are leading fast fashion foreigners in cleaning. And that has improved over the years for Pakistani brands. Take the example of Thailand, where the best department stores see success in very strong local brands that match the quality of European brands. Infact there have been foreign brands in Thailand for more than four decades. Foreign affluence in many categories is limited only to energy brands. You can call them within the limits of the digits in your hands and feet.

Seems like Pakistani brands underestimate themselves is their ability to adapt to trends and reappear. We tend to be lemmings investing in seasons like the West, and we support the low price discount phenomenon that the ERP implementations of department stores have led us to believe.

Let’s face it! Two thirds of Pakistani’s do not care about the seasons. Therefore, we are a tropical country The less we worry about the seasons, the better we can evaluate our products and also avoid the high margin, the high discount cycle that also bothers our cash cycle. The other key factor that influences the landscape is the distribution matrix: independent stores, wholesalers, departmental and online store licenses.

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