Jeans Guide in 2018: The best for your body type, Jeans Fashion

Guide to Jeans in 2018: The Best for Your Body Type….(Jeans Fashion)


Jeans are essential and will never go out of style. Therefore, everyone should know what type of jeans to have in their closet and how to use them.

Here is a jeans guide in 2018, which is for what occasion, for what attire, but especially for what type of body, so you always know what jeans to wear and which ones will improve your body.(Jeans Fashion)

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Skinny jeans
Jeans adjusted to the ankle. The fabric usually has a high content of elastane, which allows it to be used as a second skin. This type of jeans looks good with the legs on the narrow side.

Mom jeans
The quintessential jeans that your mother would wear: high waist, straight cut, that tapers slightly towards the ankle. These jeans are reminiscent of the 80s and 90s and are made of 100% denim material.

They are perfect for those who have a small waist, as they emphasize the hips, until the thin, so a tip, if the hips are a little wider: wear anyway, but try to wear heels!

Cropped Jeans

These jeans are cut at the ankle and slightly flared at the bottom. They are perfect for tall, slender women who want to make their figure feminine. These jeans lift the thighs and shorten the leg. If the legs are not your strength, using them could be a problem. But you can always pair them with a large shirt or a coat or long vest to make it work.

Boyfriend jeans
These are the jeans that we “steal” from our friends’ closet. The lower waist, the crotch is lower and the leg is wider and straight to the bottom.

These are perfect for those who like to play with different styles.

Boyfriend jeans are a little risky for the little ones, because the low step tends to make us shorter and soften our B face so that they are suitable even for those with small curves. Since these jeans were designed for men, the best advice is to use them only with confidence and ease.

Flared Jeans

Jeans issued
The emitted or bulbous jeans have returned from the 70’s in our wardrobe. But today we use them with high waist to really lengthen the figure, even more when used with heels or platforms that are essential for children who want to assume this trend.

These jeans are perfect for those who have large quadriceps!

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