The Key Leather Jacket Styles

Leather Jacket

Biker Jacket

Also referred to as the “Perfecto”, the biker jacket could be a cropped Leather jacket. Sometimes in black, complete with studs and uneven zips. Typically worn by motorcyclists, the uneven cut permits them to lean over their bikes while not dig into the body.

The original jacket featured a cropped, comfortable match with a D pocket and lapels designed to snap down or fold over one another and nothing all the high. A rugged garment, honed from fell, cowhide or leather, this is often the fashion worn by the likes of Marlon Brandon within the 1950s.

It’s a vernal, edgy style, therefore wear it casually with slim jeans or smarten it up with work trousers.  But invariably wear one issue light-weight to a lower place as results of this vogue got to be cut close to the body.

Leather Jacket

Bomber Jacket

This flight jacket is straightforward in form and typically options a central nothing, fitted waist and cuffs. It’s become a bona fide menswear staple in recent years, and you’ve in all probability got one in an exceedingly completely different material. But soft, supple animal skin adds an opulent bit.

In terms of styling, the jacket is one in every of the foremost versatile vesture silhouettes you’ll be able to own, favored on screen by everybody from Steve McQueen to Wolverine. It will take you from skinhead to Scandinavian stylish; however the safest pairing is with denim and a straightforward white shirt or textile shirt. You’ll be able to additionally dress it up by substitution your suit jacket with one – simply not at a marriage, obviously.

Leather Jacket

Field Jacket

The field jacket is sometimes long, with multiple front pockets and boltlike at the waist. Sometimes fastened with a hidden piece of cloth, this vogue appearance notably sensible in wealthy brown animal skin and because it falls below the waist, it’ll keep you hotter and higher shields you from the weather.

“This is that the bread and butter of brands like Barbour and Belstaff,” says menswear blogger Neil Thornton, of “It’s the right winter vogue, even a lot of thus if you reside within the rural area, titled with fitted jeans, a chunky knit and a classic try of Chelsea boots.”

Leather Jacket

Racer Jacket

This is a lowest, cropped style with front chest zips, a collar popper and typically colored contrastive stripes down the arms or on the front. Additionally referred to as the “Cafe Racer” style, it went mainstream in 1960s England.

Soldiers returning home after World War II caught the bug for souping up pre-war motorbikes. They’d race them between native pubs and cafes, making the requirement for a efficient, minimalist animal skin athletics jacket. Heavy horsehide and a strong main zipper added a certain level of protection for the boy racers.

“This one’s straightforward to wear and flatters the body,” says Thornton. “It’s nice for showcasing broad shoulders, otherwise you will prefer a thicker leather jackets if you’re of slight fame to [accentuate] what you don’t have.” this is often associate degree unfussy silhouette, thus team with basics like jeans and plain T-shirts.

Leather Jacket

Flight Jacket

Arguably the daddy of all leather jackets. As the name suggests, it was created for pilots. Traditionally bulky with a sheepskin collar and/or lining. It often has straps across the neck and comes in brown leather with contrasting coloured sheepskin.

This is both a statement and an investment piece. It’s designed for warmth, so to stay cool in more ways than one, ensure you don’t go overboard with the layering. Keep it simple and contemporary with plain trousers and a light gauge knit or T-shirt. “Balance the weight of the jacket by making sure the rest of your outfit is slim-fit and tailored,” says Thornton.

If you’re worried that you’ll look like you’re on your way to a Blitz-themed fancy dress party, try an option without the sheepskin collar. That’s close to what Harrison Ford wore as Indiana Jones.

Leather Jacket

The Best Leather Jacket Brands

Schott NYC

For over a century, four generations of the Schott family have created authentic products in the USA. Irving Schott designed and produced the first leather motorcycle jacket for a Long Island Harley Davidson distributor. To this new generation of rockers, the “Perfecto” was an emblem of the thrill, journey and danger.
This is the jacket Marlon Brando was sporting, perked on his motorbike within the Wild One and it’s aforesaid that James Dean was hardly seen while not his. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the Perfecto was the uniform for rock stars just like the Ramones, Blondie, Joan Jett and therefore the Sex Pistols. It’s one among those rare styles that may perpetually be cool; however the complete has additionally distended its experience to form high-quality racer and flight jackets, too.

Leather Jacket


Closing in on one hundred years of heritage, Belstaff has been creating motorbike gear since the Nineteen Twenties. Whereas giving completely different types of animal skin jackets, British complete is probably best well-known for its long, belted designs.

Look for choices that are hand-waxed for AN authentic worn-in feel that may guarantee your jacket solely gets higher with age. It’s additionally an impermeable treatment that means you shouldn’t be afraid to wear it in light-weight rain.

Leather Jacket


Founded in since 1994, AllSaints is renowned for its animal skin jackets and offers a comprehensive street choice. The brand’s signature vogue may be a washed and slightly distressed end in cropped trendy designs like rockers, bombers and even the odd sports coat. The colour palette is usually dark greys and blacks and complements the rest of its mainline collection. Expect soft, supple leathers, all cut slim with a hefty dose of rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

Leather Jacket


Named once Cromford in Derbyshire, the birthplace of the commercial revolution. This complete has been a specialist in leather jacket, suede and shearling for over forty five years. Supported Marylebone’s Chiltern Street, it offers customized, made-to-measure Associate in Nursing an alterations service aboard its own assortment, all hand-loomed in London.
Clients embrace celebrities and wardrobe designers for films, presumptively seduced by the brand’s superlative crop of leathers, that square measure selected from little tanneries around Europe.

Leather Jacket


Swedish mega-retailer H&M supply real and faux leather jackets at extraordinarily keen costs. Shopping forstreet suggests that you’ll be a lot of experimental, fashion-led and own over one style while not having to sell your automobile.
They presently have a “premium quality” real leather jacket biker jacket with suede-detail notch lapels. At the side ofAssociate in Nursing material biker with several of constant options for the value of an evening out. The varychanges fairly often however the complete tends to stay with tried and tested designs.

Leather Jacket


In keeping with its signature tailored aesthetic, Reiss offers a variety of well-cut, close leather jackets jackets in slimline silhouettes just like the bomber and racer.
Sitting at the premium finish of the street, the upper value tags tend to be matched by an improved quality of leather jackets and stronger finishes on the zips and buttons than you discover elsewhere.

Leather Jacket


The Norton bike Company formerly Norton Motors, Ltd.  -May be a British bike name, originally from Birmingham. It absolutely was based in since 1898 as a manufacturer of “fittings and elements for the two-wheeled trade”. However the style facet of the business is currently Spanish in hand and produces a full vary of motorcycle-inspired leather jacket that faucet into the brand’s heritage.
Expect a mixture of classic and up to date designs. With its restaurant racer designs complete with distinction arm stripe being the stand-out items.

Leather Jacket

Lewis Leathers

Get your engines prepared. You’ll much smell the fumes with the leather jacket jackets from this authentic biker label, established in 1892. (Lewis Leathers is that the brand of Britain’s oldest bike vesture company, D. Lewis Ltd.)
The company equipped early aviators, motorists and motorcyclists with protecting vesture against the cold and damp British climate. Within the mid since 1950’s, D. Lewis created borough leather jacket jacket, one in all the primary productaimed directly at the post war teen fashion market that was wide adopted by the ton-up boys and rockers of the Sixties. We have a tendency to powerfully advise you are doing constant.

Leather Jacket


Proudly made in East London, Grenfell has been making adventurer-grade outerwear since the 1920s. Its silhouettes have not changed much since then, and the brand has given a leather treatment to some of its best shapes.

A good example is that the golf player Jacket. That has been within the Grenfell assortment since 1931 and is that the original unrestricted golf jacket. Made up of nappa leather jacket and absolutely reversible. It’s a two way nothing, adjustable cuff and navy shower proof Grenfell artefact on the opposite aspect. A superb heritage selection for anyone not seduced by motorbike vogue.

Leather Jacket

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