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Quality is our tradition. For 10 years now the ZAAM TEXTILES stands for innovative motorcycle garments with the highest wearing comfort, usability and uncompromising safety.

ZAAM TEXTILES is a leading Custom made manufacturer of a very unique and special kinds of Functional Fashioned leather Motorbike Gloves, Ski Gloves, Motor bike Leather Jackets &Pants and Fashioned Casual Leather Jackets.

In leather we have sheep, goat, cow, buffalo, full grain process quality, semi and full aniline process quality, Kangaroo leather and other artificial leather qualities.

In Racing Gloves, besides main raw material Leather, we use a lot of qualities to make the product more durable. All of these materials import from England and Italy.A few qualities are mention below:

1)      Amozone flex: 4-side stretch fabric made by 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex, front side coated is Teflon finish and back is laminated to make waterproof.  Purely Wind proof.

2)      Aqua Dry: This is windproof and waterproof quality

3)      Aqua Fit: water proof, breathable & windproof membrane.

4)      Aqua Shell: Suitable for cold and windy weather.

5)     Clarino: this is Synthetic fabric made by 60% nylon, 40% polyurethane. This is breathable and easy to clean.
6)      Hypora: Keep water proof.

7)      Kevlar: Keep your hand Protect.

8)      Amara artificial leather

A synthetic leather, made of 60% polyamide and 40% polyurethane, which is not only weatherproof, but also soft and comfortable. Additionally it offers an excellent grip and is therefore often used on the palms of motocross gloves.

9) Silver plus

It´s a hygienic finishing from the RUDOLF-Group. A base of silver ions prevent the increase of bacteria on textile surfaces. The natural balance of the skin is not effected. These textiles require only a 40°C-wash cycle to remain hygienically clean.


The GORE TEX® membrane has over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square centimeter. These pores are around 20,000 times smaller than a water molecule, however 700 times bigger than a water vapor molecule. Therefore the GORE TEX® membrane is durable water and wind resistant and at the same time very breathable.

11) Teflon

Non-stick molecular treatment permanently applied to textile thread, which repels water and enables dirt to be easily washed off.


A 100% polyester fabric which keeps cool and comfortable. It takes away humidity from the body and dries quickly. It is light and breathable, is very comfortable to wear and is very easy-care.

13) Cardura®

A high quality polyamide (100%) fabric woven from precision-cut DuPont hollow fibers. Cardura is more durable and abrasion resistant than other nylons and is particularly suited for protective clothing. It has a comfortable and natural woven, slightly structured, appearance.

14) Airguard

Airguard is highly abrasion and tear resistant and manufactured from a specially developed hollow fiber (100% polyamide). This hollow fiber enables a low grammage volume and therefore a very is very comfortable in use. The tiny air pockets support the natural balance of the body and insulate against cold and heat. Furthermore Airguard is extremely water repellent and wind resistant, easy to clean and quick drying. Airguard meets all demands, which represent first-class and modern motorcycle garments.

15) Thinsulate

This means clothing insulation without unnecessary weight or bulk:

  • Ideal heat insulation
    · more freedom of movement
    · maximum comfort

16) Aramid ceramic

DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber treated with a ceramic polymer matrix to provide the highest standard of abrasion, tear, cut and heat resistance on the areas of gloves which need it most.

Product + Quality
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Leather is pure nature

Leather is a 100% natural product. And it cannot be reproduced in that quality. Each leather skin has a structure, which is unique like a fingerprint.
In times where almost everything can be simulated or copied, that is a great feature.

For the upper material of our collection, we only use 100% genuine leather examined and selected on site by our team.
Thus, we guarantee a touch of luxury for our customers’ hands.

You will feel our high standards of quality with every single glove you touch or wear.

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Customer Service
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Caring for leather gloves

Because leather needs care

Leather is a fascinating natural material. To enjoy it as long as possible, however, it needs care. The kind of care depends on the respective leather and its style for every kind of leather has its own structures and characteristic features. You could say leather has its own personality, which needs care. We’d like to provide some useful instruction for good care.

Take good care of your leather gloves

Rain and exposure to strong sunlight, and therefore heat, may damage leather. It would be best to avoid the two. Should your gloves still get wet, allow them to dry at room temperature – not on a radiator! Heat will make the leather hard and brittle. Stains due to soiling or wetness can best be removed with a soft cloth and some talcum powder.

Give your gloves a break every now and then

Leather lives. It will expand and widen under certain conditions. So, let your leather gloves rest every now and then. Why not use two pairs of gloves, wearing them alternately, so that one pair will always get a break.

How to keep your glove in shape

In order for your glove to keep its shape and to fit perfectly, please stretch and pull it in all directions regularly. Stretch the glove over the edge of a table by holding the fingertips of the glove with one hand and the cuff opening with the other. Repeat this for the other fingers.

Become a trading partner or representative or Importer or Private Label owner

Our high-quality Racing leather gloves and jackets are the perfect complement for every fashion line. Hence, we are always pleased about the interest of buyers. Furthermore, at ZAAM TEX, we are always looking for strong trading partners and representatives, no matter if working for independent brands. Would you like to make from us  custom made Gloves & Racing Suites or become a trading partner/ representative? Please contact us for further information:

[email protected]

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