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Designing / Complete manufacturing / minute detailing


ZAAM TEXTILES stands for passion and performance, both in summer and in winter.

ZAAM TETILES stands for innovative details and creative designs.

Visions become goals, objectives to ideas, and ideas on products with quality and attention to detail.

ZAAM TEXTILES offers manufacturer of custom made solutions for many sports: cycling, triathlon, athletics, football, Tracksuits , Running wear , Sports Jackets , Rain wear Jackets ,wind Breakers  and many more.

Be Creative makes it easy to create your own design in a few simple steps. Choose the model, the colors and finish by adding logos and text to get a unique look. Be Creative is ideal for small amounts.

A completely unique design is already possible from 2 sets.

We are manufacturing and supplying Cycling Uniforms to a French client VERANDA RIDEAU (www.verandarideau.com). They buy from us 10,000 PAIRS in every year for their company promotion in French Tour DE Cycling Race France.

This company manufacturing Cycling Suite from us and Bi-Cycles has to use with European world Renown Brand SHIMANO and Cycling components of MAVIC brand.(like wheels and other components)  You can see their logos at the back pocket of Shirt.

We would like to show you our production styles of European’s renowned brand RUSSEL http://www.russelleurope.com

You can understand about our production styles that how we have worked experience due to which we are producing products of World Renowned brand RUSSEL.

This Proves our workman ship and Quality oriented work due to which we have working relationship with RUSSEL on regular basis.

Similarly, we are also supplying to our prestigious Austrian Buyer Team Sports, These styles of shirts with invisible zip in different designs are supplying from three years on regular basis. You can see the quality which we are producing.

We are also supplying Cycling set for our French Client 2D-PLUS. They buy from us 1000 sets every month.

Here we would like to focus you on the Sublimation Printing. You can see every logo speaks the print quality itself.

Why?  The reason is that we use Swiss paper and Italian ink, which is in high class quality material in all over the world. Therefore the quality results on our machines with Swiss Transfer paper and Italian ink has extraordinary eye catching results. Therefore we do not compromise on quality standards.

Therefore to achieve high quality results for their company’s logos sublimation printing on the Surface of Fabrics, we use one of world class best material.

To proof our above statement or claim, see all the video clips carefully, you will have to feel the difference because our work has to speak…………

Therefore we will request to you that make the partnership with us on regular basis. But for that we will suggest you that make the samples first of every style and after your entire satisfaction then you have to proceed further.

Please try us, you will feel a difference.

Let’s give us a chance, we ensure you will not be disappointed from our best quality results.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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