The Ultimate Guide to Buying a men’s Leather Jacket

men’s Leather Jacket

Ah, fall is here, or what I like to call “Leather Weather”.


I first fell in love with leather jackets working with Robert Geller. Where he walked me through a new leather jacket straight from the factory in Japan on my very first day.

Since then, I created my very own leather jacket line and assembled a lot of leather jackets than anyone guy ought to honestly have at just one occasion.

A proper, staple leather jacket won’t solely last you forever. It’s dateless and intensely versatile, a no brainer once it involves building your lean wardrobe.

men’s Leather Jacket

Outside of the suit, leather jackets are one among the most important investments a man can build in his wardrobe. A bit like a suit, there’s one thing transformative concerning putt on a properly fitted leather jacket.

There are no alternative thanks to describe it: you’re feeling sort of a badass.

Barron has invited me to help you become a leather expert so you can pick the perfect leather jacket for you.



While you’ll technically build any jacket vogue into a leather jacket just by creating it in leather.  There are roughly 5 sorts of jackets you’ll presumably run into and need to contemplate once it involves reading your staple jacket.


men’s Leather Jacket

Schott 50s Perfect Leather Biker Jacket via Mr. Porter.

Ever since Marlon Brando donned a Schott Perfecto in “The Wild One”. The Perfecto became what most photos once they hear ‘leather jacket.’

Fun fact: “Perfecto” is really a proprietary term, the generic term for this jacket style is named a “rider” or “double rider” jacket (the latter of that is additional correct, considering it’s double-breasted). Variations can have 2 zippers rather than one.


men’s Leather Jacket

Schott Café Racer Jacket via Mr. Porter.

A center front zipper jacket, historically with a band collar, with terribly stripped style details. Classic racer jacket pockets ar zippered. The simplicity of this jacket build it an especially simple and versatile jacket to wear.


men’s Leather Jacket

Schott Shearling Trimmed Leather Bomber via Mr. Porter.

Sometimes spoken as a “flight jacket” or “bomber”, the A2 could be an originally a military designed pilot’s leather jacket. The middle front zipper is usually coated by a piece of material for additional protection against the wind.

Signature details include ribbed cuffs and hems, along with two large front flap pockets.

Traditionally insulated to keep pilots warm at high altitudes, A2s are usually cropped at the hips to make it easy to wear when sitting. Some will often have fur collars, which is a detail from the newer G1 model.


men’s Leather Jacket

Supreme x Schott Leather MA1 Bomber via Supreme.

Similar to the A2 bomber, the MA1 is originally a military design, and is originally made in nylon. The generic term for this jacket is also a bomber.

Some distinct options to separate it from the A2: Ribbed collar and slit pockets rather than the 2 front flap pockets, and a zipper pocket on the left sleeve.

This is one in all the foremost widespread casual jacket designs for men, and is commonly adopted in leather. Although sleeker than the puffy military version of the jacket.


men’s Leather Jacket

Carol Christian Poell Double Fencing Jacket, Photo via Superfuture.

Adapted from the jackets fencers wear, zippers ar placed very unsymmetrically (and typically features a powerful S curve design).
This vogue is usually favored by higher-end avant garde labels, like Rick Owens, Carol Christian Poell and Julius.

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