About Us

Where it All Started

Established in 1995, ZAAM TEXTILES gradually expanded in capacity in UNIT-1 and Later since 1999 acquired UNIT-2. There are about 700 workers in both units.

We ZAAM TEXTILES believe in honesty, integrity, and mutual respect to all. We realize your ideas and produce your collection in your design and with your labels in small quantities.

We manufacture for your desire and need in high numbers of items, ideal for the wholesale, importer, and mode chains. If we should have aroused your interest, then you can address us. With our form for feedback, you can reach us fast and comfortably.

Zaam Textiles has been making heavy duty workwear for 23 years. In fact, Zaam Textiles was the very first company in Pakistan to make an insulated coverall.

Zaam Textiles designs apparel with unmatched quality and durability that stands up to the intense demands of workwear. Workwear has been designed to target the back-end worker in any position that he/she serves, whether in a plant, driving a truck, or on a construction site. Zaam Textiles has also developed a specialized niche in high visibility, Flame Resistant, and safety clothing. Zaam Textiles offers a wide range of high-quality and rugged workwear, outwear, and rainwear designed to meet the demands of today’s working men and women. From shirts, pants, and coveralls, to parkas, fleece pullovers, and 100% waterproof clothing, the quality, durability, and comfort of our products are unrivaled in the workwear industry.



One of the most difficult aspects of research — and one of the least discussed — is how to develop the idea for the research project in the first place.


Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!


The dissidents not only embrace the current strategic goals of the trust, but propose to increase the execution pace of the objectives and accelerate acquisition activity.

OUR Theory


Being Pakistan’s leading company, our mission is to be a dependable partner for all of our customers in protecting their employees in their working environment.

Our Objectives

Every goal that we set ourselves is a challenge that we seek to achieve in an open working atmosphere and with total respect for everyone involved.


We make always every effort, with great enthusiasm and the combined forces of everyone we work with to provide the best solution in every situation.

Our Values

With a product always perfect in style, the singular Design is not simple to unite the special function and an appropriate price – that is however, our prime Motto.

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality