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The technician of an energy supplier takes care of the power supply in a single house. The airport staff is monitored by various passengers at the gate. A bike messenger travels many kilometers to transport mail quickly from A to B.
Every day, your employees come in contact with other people. They represent your company not only through their work, but also with their appearance.
We help you to show your positive corporate image through the clothing of your team.
Whether high visibility, weather protection or cold protection jackets, fleece or soft shell jackets, shirts, blouses, pants or overalls, both functionality and comfort of the clothing as well as appearance play an important role.
Of course our garments can be adapted to the corporate identity of your company, for example by mounting your company name and logo to the clothing.
For typical sectors and work areas for which we develop and produce special protective and safety clothing, see our category “Workwear”.
Our team is happy to advise you. Together we will find the optimal solution for your needs.

Social Resposibility

A large portion of our society is still living on poverty line due to lack of access to basic health care facilities. Realizing the need of providing basic health care facilities to remote and neglected parts of our country.

ZAAM TEXTILES is working with NGO’s and other institutions dedicated to provide basic and quality health care infrastructure in social service sector.
Our company is sponsoring a school and a hospital.

In partnership with you, Zaam Textiles develop solutions for your personal protective equipment and protective clothing.

 We want to awaken the desire for optimal protection in all work situations and thereby always reveal the reference to the special appearance of your company. It is crucial that appearance, functionality, comfort and safety aspects create a sense of well-being with your employees and promote identification with your company.

Expert advice, intelligent material combinations, convincing quality and a reasonable price are a given for us.
Safety and protection require a great trust. Therefore, it is important to us to fully inform you about the materials used, the standards and protection aspects met by the clothing as well as the care of the clothing. A service we offer in compressed form already here on our website.
Design, product development and prototyping come from a single source. The use of the latest CAD technology and textile processing technologies are the basis of our success and the quality of our products.
As a responsible clothing company, we only work together with audited sewing factories in Europe. Again, our standards of quality management (ISO 9001) apply. In that way we assure technological monitoring of manufacturing processes and the quality of our products.

Visit our company headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan and get in personal dialogue with our team. Learn more about our strategic and operational development department and our sewing room for samples. At our headquarters we also control the complete purchase of all materials and production preparation. Due to the international corporate alignment a logistics and customs department was set up.
Or make an appointment with our sales team, which will inform you about our various products of safety and protective clothing at your company.

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